The 2020 High Hopes Project – An Uplifting Event! UPDATE! 6/15/2020

UPDATE: We plan to launch Tuesday, June 16th, about 8:30am.  When we launch you can follow the flight path LIVE: Here’s how.

Participate in a STEM project that travels to “Near Space” from your home!! Send us your “High Hopes” and we will release them from a high altitude balloon, perform some cool experiments and take incredible photos and video we will share with you.

Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Reno/Sparks, Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Altitude: 28,000 meters (92,000 feet) from a past mission. Note the thin blue line of the Earth’s atmosphere and the blackness of space above.







Follow this link to submit your “High Hopes” for your learning, your community and the world. Perhaps you’d like to include a high hope you have regarding the current Covid19 pandemic. Before launch we will print them out on special biodegradable paper embedded with wildflower seeds and load them into a special payload that will carry everyone’s high hopes up to “near space” – probably between 80,000 and 100,000 feet where they will be released to float gently back to Earth. 

Twitter can also be used to submit your “High Hopes.” Just use the Twitter hashtag   #hhpSTEM when you write your “Hope.”

Up to 6 GoPro cameras will accompany the mission and record the flight. We will post video and photos on our project YouTube page and Flickr photo page. Click the links to see some examples from past missions.

When we launch the balloon you can follow its path live on a Google Map – like this one. The map will trace the flight by putting a red dot on the map about every minute or so. If you click on a red dot the map will display the altitude, speed and compass heading. We will post the link to the map as we get closer to launch.

Launch Date UPDATED: Weather issues  moved launch window to June 5, 2020, but based on weather maybe not until June 12, this date may change based on weather and other conditions, so return here for updates.

Time: 8:30 am PDT – this time is approximate.

High Hopes Project Wiki with links to more information and photos/videos from past launches.

We will be adding more information and activities you can participate in soon, so come back and check out this site often!

Launch team wearing fireproof suits during Inflation using hydrogen gas.
Northern Nevada and California from about 28,000 meters (92,000 feet).













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